Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guest Blog :: Logies!

Hello Lovelies! Did anyone watch the Logies Sunday night? I have to say I was impressed with the fashions this year! Less impressed with the likes of Wil Anderson, but hey, we had to expect some disruptions, didn't we?

And God Bless Ray Meagher! Even if you don't watch the have to admit he's a trooper! I've been watching that man on Home and Away (on and off) and the bloke deserves a mini golden statue even if I do say so myself. You could say for putting up with some of those story lines! Gosh! His portrail of Alf is 100% true blue hunky dorey believeable and he's remained so dedicated to 'The Bay' and I think that deserves recognition!

To be honest, some of the outfits on the red carpet I found a little confusing, but don't we all during these auspicious occasions? How did they work out what goes where and this holds that up and are you entirely sure you can breathe in that? But let's focus on the good stuff.

The lovely Jennifer Hawkins. Oh my gosh I wish I had her figure. All this jalking has got to be doing something, right? Nevermind the's getting and I like each other...we're meant to be...
Back to Jen, yeah...not jealous. At all.

And Megan always looks fabulous. No arguments there. Such a stylish, classy lady. Who can pull off the mega earings look. Surely there should be a time limit on mega earings. One's ears could be damaged otherwise and spacers aren't a trend I can see sticking around. Then again, I've been wrong before!

Oh and congratulations to all the winners and well done on entertaining Australia (and the world - some parts, pretty sure Neighbours is still on in the UK? No?)

Happy Wednesday all. Hope you have a splendid day!


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