Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Blog :: Chilly!

Morning! Soooo did not want to get out of bed today! It’s so chilly now and my doona and I are quite attached to each other. Or at least we were this morning until the very last possible second. My motivation to leap out of bed? Not sitting in horrendous traffic over an hour each day. The later I leave, the worse it gets. Which is quite cruel really. And inconvenient. Especially as it messes with my warm as toast factor. So in order to remain warm during these frosty and inconveniently early morning starts (ok granted I could away to Bedfordshire much earlier) I’ve compiled a helpful list of things for toastly warming oneself this winter. I seem to be enjoying lists these days. Anyway...

Socks, long ones. Stripes are best. Stockings work too. Ones with pretty patterns or if we are going ‘skin’ coloured opt for the ones that don’t look like you’re wearing fake tan. Not such a good look.

Tea is a must. Lemongrass + ginger, raspberry, chai...anything scrumptious.

Scarfs times a million. Fashionability + practicality can merge. Oh yes.

Scones + jam. Let’s face it, fresh from the oven they make any rainy cold day 100% better.

Hope you’re keeping warm + Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Love it Luce! I'm feeling warm and toasty already!

    I particularly love this post as it involves practicality, fashion and scrumptious delights (2 of my favourites - tea & scones w/- j&c!)

    Many thanks for brightening my day!



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