Sunday, May 2, 2010

30 years...and some awesome hair

So it's my mum and dad's 30th wedding anniversary today, and I'm inviting you to take a trip down memory lane with moi! 30 years is pretty impressive I must say, and I'm quite the proud littlest daughter to have parents that have not only given me a wonderful example of married life throughout the years, but also look smashingly good looking in their wedding photos. Smashingly. And I just know they'll love me putting these photos 'on the line'. If they don't, the wedding album was in the living room. If it was hidden like the cooking chocolate you might have missed out. I STILL can't find that...

This here is my mum arriving at the church with my lovely Granny. A pretty floral frock, cardy and finger waves....well hellooo 2010! And I hear rain is good luck. Seems to have worked!

One of my favourite photos...she's so beautiful! And likes the food. Heheh. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree...
Two of my other favourite ladies...on the left is Nanna (of Joy from rubyandjoy fame), and on the right is her mum, my Granny. I remember making homemade sausage rolls with Granny when I was just tall enough to see over the table, and her tasting the mince to see if it was seasoned enough. Raw. They made them tough back then.

And the one I might get shot for.
SO! Happy anniversary to my wonderful mum and dad who are still very much in love today. Try that hair again. It looked gooood.
ps - so I randomly met two lovely ladies last night, for privacy reasons lets call them Thelma and Louise, and not only were they witty, intelligent and good looking...they read lovelyprettycheerythings!! Look out Oprah, I'm on my way...
pps - the boy will be here in 4 sleeps. Four sleeps!!!!
ppps - I think Oprah has stopped filming. Darn.
ppps - FOUR SLEEPS!!!!


  1. hehe, lovely photos, lovely post.
    now get some sleep before boy arrives!! you don't want to pick him up after 4 days of excitement induced insomnia. eek! - how exciting. :)

  2. hehe believe me,it's already happening! shocking. i'm going to need some gooood concealer...
    very exciting! x

  3. love your work lovely!! 2 sleeps...hope you rest well! love 'thelma' xx

  4. I love this too! It's amazing that your folks still look just like they do in these pictures too!!


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