Monday, May 3, 2010


I just realised that at our Mother's Day soiree this year, I shall be the only non Mother female. This is unusual. Surely I deserve gifts too? No? Let's not forget my niece. She's not a Mother, she's only just turned one, but I'm thinking if someone gave me a present, I could give her the wrapping,and we'd both be thrilled! Gosh my family is lucky to have me.
As something of a tradition (we've done it twice) it has fallen to yours truly to make the dessert and I am FLUMMOXED, dear readers, as to what I should create. The options are endless! Except I have four.
Single serve, rustic, creamy, crunchy pavlovas?

Warm, sweet pear and almond tart? With cream in what looks suspiciously like a mug? Or a severely non-thought through designer jug?

Apple and blackberry pie with a sweet shortbread pastry? Served on a crate? With more apples? In case there weren't enough in the pie? I would take insult. My pie's are awesome.

Or the yummiest flourless chocolate cake I have ever eaten. A selfish choice? Never.
So. As always, another indepth and thought provoking read for you. Baking is never simple. Perhaps I should make all 4?
Ohh imagine...

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  1. Oooh, sweet pear and almond, sweet pear and almond!

    Niece. Thrilled. Wrapping. You are FUNNNNY!


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