Thursday, May 27, 2010

once upon a time...part two...

once upon a time a boy met a girl. a girl met a boy. the boy chased the girl around the country side. the girl was a bit thick and didn't realise the boy quite liked her. but after she realised he had missed the football for her, without the teensiest of complaints, it became pretty clear. they spent some time in the land of red buses and paddington bear, travelling back to the land of haggis and tartan. the days flew by and the girl came home to the land of sun (apparently) and sand, with the promise of a visitor in the coming months. skype became her friend. 'out of area' phone calls were the best kind of phone calls. her blackberry lived in her hand. you might even say she became 'tech savvy'. oh yes! savvy. then good news came from the boy in the land of black pudding and bagpipes! flights had been booked! a countdown began! the girls house became suspiciously clean.

iceland. volcano. cancelled flights.
we don't like volcanoes.

so after a slight delay and much consumption of chocolate the boy walked through the gate in a flurry of excitement and nerves and running without tripping. the girl was very happy. the girl tried hard not to crash the car. the girl was random drug tested on the big shiny bridge across the harbour. 'can they even do random drug tests', thought the girl? apparently so! the boy and the girl spent 2 weeks skipping around town. the boy refused to eat vegemite toast. the girl made the boy pavlova. the boy decided he might prefer melbourne. the girl made him eat vegemite toast. dinners, sunsets, friends, movies, music. the girl wasn't sure if this adventure with the boy could top the adventure in the land of black cabs and big ben, but it seemed it could only get better.

all too soon the boy had to head back to the land of heather filled moors, leaving the girl behind. so the boy and the girl said goodbye at the place where the big shiny birds launch themselves into the sky. the girl doesn't like goodbyes. but the girl also knows she'll be seeing the boy again soon. the boy is even more lovely than before. the girl will spend this week drinking tea and eating obscene amounts of chocolate. but this girl knows the happy butterflies still outweigh the sad butterflies, and that one day soon (hopefully very soon), she'll be running without tripping through another airport straight into the arms of the boy.

and it will be better than anything.



  1. Oh! What a beautiful tale - funny and gorgeous {sad too though, just a little}. I hope you get to run without tripping very VERY soon! :)

  2. That was a beautiful story that made me smile on an otherwise average afternoon..

    I'm very happy for you!

  3. soooooooooo cute! I wish I had a love story as sweet and adorable.

    I'm so glad things are progressing so beautifully!!!


    I'm looking forward to "part 3"!


  4. You write so beautifully N, love to you both and lots of blessed luck for your future.

  5. oh N - You make me smile - I really miss you. So glad to hear your lovely story!

  6. Oh how lovely! Nothing like a little romance to brighten a chilly day! x


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