Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

No makeup.
Do it.
Go on.
I dare you.
One day I will. I have my moments when I think I will. Sometimes I even get as far as not putting any on when I hop out of the shower. But then 10am hits and OH my WORD. And as I prefer not to scare small children my no makeup makeup usually consists of the following. Some delightfully rosy posy tint from Benefit, just a little bit of bronzer to minimize the whole me looking like death thing, and if necessary a teensy bit of Benefit Ooh La Lift. Good stuff that. Tops name too.
But one day I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
Almost definitely.
If Monica Bellucci can, then so can I.
Happy weekend my lovelies xx
images via French Elle


  1. Ah many a day I have dared myself to live 'sans fards'. I am, however, slightly scarred from the ONE day I attempted this and the comment was made to me, "Oh dear are you alright? You look like you've murdered five people then tried to off yourself!"

    True story.

    The question that has plagued me since: Why five?? Surely one was enough to satiate the 'ugly' parading across my face?!

    Poor dead people.

    Miss Harwood xx

  2. Dear Miss Hardwood. This is priceless. I laughed a lot. Poor dead people. Indeed. xx
    ps - I'm sure you looked gorgeous x


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