Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Blog :: L'heure bleue

Why hello. You know, people often ask me, where's your perfect getaway? And I always say, the beach.
A holiday to me involves the sun, surf and sand. Lying in the sun, covered in 30+ sunscreen mind you. Surf. Isn't it lovely to look at? So relaxing. Sand. Castles. Must build grand estate that would make Kevin McCloud shed a tear. Anyway, recently I was snapped enjoying the rays in a quiet secluded location.
Ah...who am I kidding. These are some pics of the stunning Isabeli Fontana, recently photographed for the June/July 2010 edition of
Vogue Paris. I like her style. must work on beach attire. Note to self.

I had you going for at least a second, right? half a second?



  1. I Heart Vogue Paris!

    gorgeous model - fabulous fashion - beautiful photography ... so unrealistic - LOVE IT!


  2. tell me more about your jewelery. Sensational.


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