Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Give yourself a break, Wednesday

Hello! I feel like it's been ages since we visited the same blog?  So mid week blues ey?'s ok friday will be here before you know it. I something nice for yourself today. You know that magazine you eyed off at the newsagent this morning...go back and get it...that coffee you wanted but thought you'd wait till you popped into the office because it meant that a muffin would force it's way into your bag without your consent??! I know, they have a habit of doing that. Inconsiderate really. I would have gone for the danish, because I feel that muffins and I are best left as old friends, unless of course they are of the mini variety and then they totally don't count, they are like new friends..exciting and fun and new and a suprise cos you get on so well and you would like to see them more cos there's just so much to know and talk about! Oh yeah there was clearly a point to this...sharing the love? Yep...and I'm liking Naomi Murrell's  artistic mind here. Talented much. Digging her whimsicalness. And even the pink stuff too. Which is growing on me. Normally im a fan of green myself. I will go back there now actually and see if Naomi and i feel the same way about green.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Yes!! This is just the post I need to go and treat myself, because i DO deserve it!! Thanks!!
    :D xo

  2. you're too funny. Talk more about mini muffins!


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