Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Goodmorning lovelies! I do hope you're all having a most wonderful Friday dreaming about all the nothings you'll be able to do on the weekend! As it's a Friday, and that's when we usually have our beauty post, it seems like a sensible thing to do to write a beauty post. Also, I went to Sephora in Paris. Heaven.

SO! To begin this post which should really be re titled 'Benefit and just how beautiful all their products are', I feel it's only fair to give a special shout out to Virginie, wherever she is right now. Sephora and Benefit employee, dead spit for Marion Cotillard, and just about the nicest/sweetest/funniest person I have ever met. And boy, can she sell product. Below us we have Ooh La Lift, quite possibly one of the best inventions ever. Gets rid of bags. Need I say more? Except they should probably look into selling this by the litre. Hecks yes. And it smells pretty. How I do love a product that smells pretty.
Then we have their super incredible That Gal primer. Must say, up till now, I've been a fairly strong advertiser for Napoleon primer, it also has a lovely scent. But! After trying this one (which oddly enough seems to be encased in something reminds me of my gluestick when I was in Year 4) not only smells lovely, and has a groovy little twisty worm like application, but is a pretty shade of pink too! Which, while you snigger at my shallow perceptions of said product, does actually cover grey tone with the lovely pink. The lovely scent doesn't have a purpose. Except for suckers like me that will buy anything that smells good. Good one Benefit. Know thy customer.

While travelling my skin was having, as they say in the biz, something of a spaz out. But after my dear friend Virginie slathered on this delightful cream it was all magically fixed like THAT (imagine me clicking my fingers in an enthusiastic fashion, if you will)! Non scented, not thick or greasy, but lovely and hydrating, this one is my favourite. Also, you actually get a Dear John letter in the box. Awesome packaging. But we'll get to that in a jiffy.

Sugar Bomb! Ok. So maybe this is my favourite product. Oh who am I kidding I love them all like they're new friends I just purchased that smell lovely and can't run away. The best kind of friend, really. I've always been a total sheep when it comes to beauty products, I'll try anything once. If I'm being told to apply my blush in a backwards 3 motion, on the apples of my cheeks, or under the cheek bone in a contouring fashion, indeed I shall! Sometimes all at once! Which has never ended well. But you can't say I haven't tried. Or looked ridiculous. Anywhoodle. The lovely Virginie first swirled all colours together and covered my whole cheek with colour, then picked two colours, based soley on whether I preferred sweets or chocolate (strange and delightful all at once!) to pop on the apples of my cheek. Therefore, this shall be my new way of applying blush. Gosh it's good I tell you these things isn't it, otherwise we'd all be a risk of dying of boredom.
And then there's the perfume. Boy does it smell yummy. Being in Sephora and therefore blinded to all sense and money restraint, I actually purchased 'Laugh With Me Lee Lee' as well as 'Something About Sophia', but Sophia has come out as the clear winner here. Beautiful bottle which is small enough to be carried everywhere with you, and a very scrummy scent. If I was more knowledgable at this kind of thing I might be able to tell you it has over tones of somethingerother and under notes of thisandthat. But I'm not, so I won't. And we'll stick with scrummy.
So. Here's the thing. I'd pretty much have bought all of these things simply for their delightful and sweet packaging without a second thought at whether or not they would work. And because of Virginie's incredibly lovely frenchiness friendliness. But they DO! And while working, smell all lovely and look all pretty. It's like the triple threat of the cosmetic world! Oui!
Wishing you all the loveliest of weekends filled with sunshine and sleep ins, and adventures as yet untold! x
Have a peek at their store. Go on. You know you want to...

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  1. The Realness of Concealness kit has to be my favourite! (Admittedly the polka dot packaging may have swayed me) Love Benefit and their pretty products!


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