Monday, February 22, 2010

paper hearts...

As I was writing the title to this post I had a moment (I often have moments...), remembering the movie Paper Heart which I was lucky enough to see on le plane when the entertainment was actually working*. It was so sweet, filled with lovely music and managed to make me happy on the inside when I was feeling rather blue on the out. Twas also rather funny. Which on a plane is rather regrettable, as no one wants to be the crazy chuckling to themselves in a manical manner in seat 48A. Or more to the point, no one wants to be in the seat next to the manical chuckler. Indeedy not. But that is not the point of this here post, my dear readers. No siree.

I was lucky enough to stumble across the lovely Paperklip designs and wanted to share them with you! All kinds of beautiful garlands, sweet little birdies, happy butterflies and loads more with which to decorate your room in the most whimsical of manners. So pop over and say hello to the lovely Melinda, and be sure to say hello from me!

*Oh yes. That is correct. 13 hours with nothing to do but stare at the back of a seat. Well. Technically, nothing to do but stare at my movie screen which WAS NOT working, but lets not get worked up about that now, shall we? I'm expecting a free ticket in the mail any day now as compensation. That's how these things work. Right?

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