Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh My Hair!

Hair solutions. And Happy Friday by the way! So I'm sorta getting on top of this fluff-pot hair business, but those who have seen me this week, feel free to disagree. And let’s talk more on people who just seem to have great hair all the time with out trying. I'm going to be one of those one day. Oh yes. And here are my favourite do's of now and I'm sure just they step towards the mirror, take out their comb, advance towards styling and. Stop. Like the Fonze, and say, "hey….. " (perfect)


  1. these sorts of shots used to make me miss my long hair. i've just realised they don't have that effect anymore. i guess i've let go.... end of story.

  2. short hair is lovely too! i personally can't pull that look off! so wish i could!


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