Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm baaaaaack!

Hellooo my dear blogging friends! I hope you're all going brilliantly! I've missed you loads and have so very very much to share with you about my small adventure! The most incredible markets, the new music I've been obsessing over, new clothes (Zara!), photos from ms Diana, possibly the most beautiful places on earth anyone has ever seen, and so SO much more!

Super special thankyou's to Alarna from Little Jane St and Lucy who have been blogging in my absence, and have done the most splentastic job. Good news on this front too. Miss Lucy shall continue blogging for us here are lovelyprettycheerythings, sharing all her lovelyprettycheerythings every bright and muggy Wednesday morning. She'd miss you. And I'd miss her. And Miss Alarna has fabulous new happenings er, happening at Little Jane St as we speak, so be sure to pop over and visit her regularly. She too is super cool.
So happy to be back, and have so many exciting things to share! So what's YOUR news? xx

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  1. ZARA IS AWESOME! When, of when, will they bring Zara to Australia properly?? sigh...


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