Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

It's a Friday! Which is absolutely wonderful for all you busy workers out there! Not so much for people that work on weekends, but I promise you Monday or Tuesday, or whenever your next day off is, is coming. So let's celebrate that too! Most likely with much less enthusiam. BUT! Saturday is peeking it's little nose around the corner, all smiles and promises of long lie ins. Except for those who have to get up (this could be a long post).

So! Let's go through a few more bits and bobs I managed to tuck into my yellow handbag while I was away (in a totally non thieving-like way). Which will not only be ridiculously exciting for you (I can only imagine), but will give me an excuse to ramble on mercilessly about some more of my pretty new things! Huzzah! Let's start with facewash. See? The excitement is already palpable. Now. I've been a commited Cetaphil girl for a good few years, it's for sensitive skin, its cheap, and is always a classic in the mags (what do you know, advertising works). However, upon discovering my little bottle was on its last drops whilst in gay Paree I ventured out to a pharmacy in the hope of buying something which would wash my face in the most splendid of fashions, and make me look French. Totally possible. I chickened out in about 3 pharmacy's before being brave enough to mime out what I needed, and they presented me with this lovely little treat below! La Roche-Posay something in French which I assume means facewash. And boy is it lovely. I've just done some very in depth (not at all) research and it seems it's not available here in Australia, not even in Mecca (gasp!) which is very sad news. I love it. Is tres good.

And then we have this little beauty, which I must say was puchased on one of my favourite shopping experiences while I was away. It was my first day in London, and having arrived at 5am I was feeling that odd mixture of ridiculous excitement at seeing things like big red buses and squirrels, and disbelief that I was where I was, and absolute exhaustion. So was heading down Oxford Street when I spotted a tiny little Penhaligons store, very exciting. Knowing I am not posh nor rich enough to enter a store like this I hovered outside for a few moments before deciding for all they knew I was a secret millionaire on a perfume sourcing expedition from Australia (I hear they're quite common) and was going to purchase one of everything. So I put on my most expensive smile and waltzed in, almost knocking over a table of bottles as I entered which somewhat dimished my rich looking entrance. BUT! The sales lady was just the nicest sales lady I have ever encountered, so lovely! She kept getting me to try scents, and making jokes. She even gave me a hand massage! Thought my brother was my boyfriend which is always somewhat awkward. But I did walk out of there the happy owner of the Lily & Spice solid scent in this lovely silver case, and feeling like I'd made a new friend. The lady, not the perfume. But my gosh. The scent is just lovely. Like lilies and spice. Funnily enough.
Next up is Mr Frederic Fekkai and his magical hair mask which smells like raspberries and works like nothing else. After being away 3 weeks and not brushing my hair the whole time, and what with the rain and wind and hot showers, my hair was feeling a bit sorry for itself. Well. That's a lie, hair can't really feel sorry for itself, can it now. But it was a bit ratty, and I had conveniently stumbled across another Sephora store (out of NOWHERE I tell you!) so decided it was a clear sign I needed some deep conditioning, and now! It's awesome. Buy it. And eat some raspberries. They're yummy.

And one more little beauty I purchased whilst on my grand adventure was this brilliant little mascara...which just between you and me I kind of bought just for the little Dior paper bag which is horribly superficial and materialistic of me, but what can I say? Those bags suck me in every time. Anywhoodle, I'm undecided. It's fantastic, don't get me wrong! But seems to be very smudgy. Like when in the snow. Maybe tis best not to wear mascara whilst playing the snow. Or when in torrential Summer rain. But these are lessons best learnt when in mascara school. So for now I will say 7/10. Because it's nice and black, builds up nicely, and last very well. And because my opinion totally matters.

So my lovelies who are both working and not working this weekend, I hope you have a splendid time whatever you're up to! I'll be at my nieces first birthday party. It's exciting. There'll be cake. And my niece too. Who just learnt to say my name! Cue tears of emotional inappropriateness. And apologies for the waffling on about my grand adventure. OH so many more stories to tell! I'd love to come up with a really cool sign off here, but I've got nothing. I'm off to eat some chocolate.

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  1. thanks for this post nic. needed a laugh today.


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