Monday, February 15, 2010

where to begin...

So! My lovely bloggers! I have so many things to share with you, and no idea at all where to begin! I'm still reeling from the incredibly fantastical things that I experienced while I was away, and as no movie style romance is complete without a ripper of a soundtrack, I shall introduce you to a few of my favourites. Just a few, because there are a LOT.

Camera Obscura! Numero uno. Prettiest album cover, and coolest songs. Twas a very special gift to moi. Have downloaded another of their albums, tis also rather swell. Definitely my new favourite. And did I not mention the pretty album cover? It's pretty.

Amy Macdonald, in case you couldn't understand the album cover. Have had one of her songs stuck in head fairly constantly for about a week now, am not sure why, but 'Mr Rock n Roll' is firmly implanted in my psyche. Mr Rock n Roll being a song, not an actual Mr Rock n Roll. Because that would just be weird.

Sia. My love, my songs. The sad songs. Tug at your heart songs. Apart from the one called Buttons, which is not so melancholy. How could a song called Buttons be melancholy, you might ask? To which I would reply, very sensible question. It would be a grand conversation. They still make me cry, but it's a different cry. Less snotty. Thank goodness.

Reindeer Section. It does trouble me a touch that the album is called 'Son of Evil Reindeer', as I do like to believe no reindeer could have an evil bone/red nose in them. But listen to 'You are My Joy'. Tis joyful. Tis bittersweet. Tis a grand song.

There are others, loads of others, but this should get us started. In a musical way. There's nothing quite like a good muscial start. Unless there's chocolate involved. But that's a whooole other kettle of chocolate.

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  1. I LOVE the Reindeer Selection. I almost had one of their songs as my entry song at our wedding....BEAUTIFUL!


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