Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is that Normal?

I am going through this phase of being quite particular with my tea. I'm the annoying person that wont drink your Chamomile after eating dinner at your place that you cooked up so nicely.... And then it comes time for the rest of the evening.



"Fine chocolates?"

"Heck yes."

"Chamomile** tea?"

"*pause as tries to think of polite response - - as well as think of an accurate description without sounding completely uncultured.*

"Do you have any "Normal Tea?"

"Black tea?"

"Yes, yes that tea."
I'm also annoying because I'm going through a non dairy phase. this one has lasted me a good 12 months, so can we call that a phase anymore? Probably not. That has qualified its way into a new classification. That's a lifestyle choice. Hoorah.

So when i walked into T2 the other day, I was completely blown away. Not by their pretty tea cups and fancy Turkish tea glasses, no. (By the way..awesome!) But by the fact that they now stock a tea labeled Normal Tea. I was home.

**disclaimer. obviously being a fan of T2, i am not a boring normal tea person all the time, it's just. Sometimes. I want the regular stuff. Is that a crime?

Photo Credit :: Inside Man


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