Sunday, February 21, 2010

Duty free madness...

As a disclaimer, I was very emotional, I had spare pounds, and perfumes are basically free when in an airport. I was pretty much saving money. In fact, you might even say they were giving me money.

It was grand though. I had to hold back from re stocking on Chloe so I was exercising some restraint. Really. But I have been dying to try the Gucci Flora for quite some time now, it just seems so...appropriate! But also smells wonderful. Quite similar to Chloe, I would like to think my sensitive nose knows. But I'm sure there's about 72.6% of you out there now all thinking I have no idea at all what I'm talking about. Which I don't. So well done you. Anyway, once I actually get unpacked and sorted, I shall be very happy to place this amongst my other pretty bottles and spray it about with gay abandon when feeling...expensive.

Had to re stock on this old favourite too. Although it is technically a new scent. But an old favourite in my perfume world. I have seriously enjoyed it for over 3 months, which I'm thinking basically makes it a classic. And I'm hoping one of these days by wearing so much of it, I'll just magically turn into Sienna Miller*. Or all of her clothes will just turn up on my doorstep as a kind of life/perfume wearing switcheroo. I'm fairly sure it's possible.

And I put in the ad from my latest addition for good reason. Because when I start answering the door, peering through indoor trees in billowing pink ballgowns with room fulls of apples nestled behind me, you may be wondering, why? Why? To which I will prettily smile with a sparkle in my eye, while in my two hands I hold out the prettiest little bottle of pink perfume, and a voice over coming from who knows where will gently whisper 'Ninaaa...'. Yep. Tis likely. My life is basically a perfume ad. But, you know, in case that doesn't come to fruition, maybe just have sniff at the Nina Ricci counter next time your in DJ's. Who knows? You may be transported to a place of whimsical trees and piles of red rolling apples...

* Popped my head into Ms Miller's store in Soho, was absolutely delightful. Sales girls were friendly, pretty fresh flowers on the counter, and loads of lovely clothes spilling out of old trunks and old wooden ladders. So pretty!

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  1. love this post. you're on fire. in a good way..not an ouchy way.xx


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