Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Oh Herro!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Lucy here. Missed you too! It's been a pretty interesting week so far....at work uber early (ok slight exageration, but still! Early!) on Monday... this being a new resolution AND with fitness gear in tow - another well thought out effort - minus crucial joggers I might add...let's put that one to tomorrow's to-do-list....

Tuesday = flat tyre and despite my best damsel in distress impersonation...fail... no help from man at petrol station. hmmf.

Thankfully, I belong to NRMA and they came to my rescue at lightning fast speed! seriously! It was like a pit stop in the Formula 1 and I was happily on my way to work again! Plus I think they are running the mechanics through happy customer training. 1. Greet customer 2. Introduce thyself 3. Firm handshake - but not too firm for the ladies 4. What seems to be the problem, Miss? 5. You'll be back in the traffic in no time, lovely! And I for one was pleased.

So what will the rest of today bring? I am taking myself off to a gig tonight! Hooray! Has been awhile. Hope I don't feel ancient amongst the rockers. hehe...

"Who brought their mum?"
"Oh.. no, she's with us."
"Oh." "Cool."

And another thing, I plan on being more adventurous this weekend! planning a wee roadtrip! Kate Moss style? Well, i'll probably be driving..so no back seat rebelling for me... but yay for
longchamp handbags! Pretty. And I have fresh tyre = safe driving! (come on, that's exciting!) And besides, with Tomtom, you can't really go wrong!

Happy Wednesdaying to you...



  1. my tom tom broke...disaster. its just not nearly as glamorous/safe using a map. i like that you didn't bring your trainers. building up slowly. thats the smart way to do it. yes siree.

  2. oh devo re tom tom.
    i am building up slowly. good plan, yes? yes.
    SO SMART!!!


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