Monday, March 1, 2010

a wintery seaside...

So the weather decided to go all 'Autumn' on us, and I was sitting here thinking... my GOSH Summer is rubbish this year... when I realised it was actually Autumn, and so the drizzly rain and blustery wind was entirely appropriate. Not so fun, but appropriate nonetheless.

Which means its the perfect time of year for wintery beach escapes! All damp, cold sand, grey and teary skies, giant crashing waves and wet clothes. Nothing like the beach on a rainy day! And I'm thinking I'd like to look like this. If not somewhat cheerier. I've always wanted to wear a turban.

images via nadinoo


  1. heh. can we have a beach day like this?

  2. yes indeedy! I'll bring the wellies!


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