Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guest Blog :: Finders Keepers

Why hello there! Hope you're doing well this wet and wooly? Wednesday. Not sure why I said wooly, but I did and I'm going with that. Perhaps because when I woke up in the dark this morning and it was just so dark and stayed dark for so long, practically till I was out the door and on the road..and it just felt so wintery and cold. Plus the rain. Ah rain. I do like you. Except for the fluffy hair factor. That, I do not like so much. Anyway...speaking of cooler times ahead, in more ways than one (yes i cringe at my own words sometimes) Finders Keepers Markets is back on again soon! Exciting! Well, it's not till May, however, this gives us all a chance to pop it in our diaries, save our pennies for something pretty to purchase AND it's nice to have things to look forward to. I like having things to look forward to.

Happy Wednesdayl!


PS. I like pictures of birdies + apples.

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