Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guest Blog :: Food for thoughts

Hello! I do hope you had a most enjoyable weekend. Mine consisted of eating my way across the planet. Stopping off in Thailand before hopping across to Mexico, followed by Japan. have to say my favourite was the Japanese. Why so I hear you ask? It's a combination of the delicious food that manages to delight my tummy every time and the way it's served. Neat little compartments for all the various dishes. I like. And it makes for an interesting meal time. Do I consume my meal in an ordered fashion, working my way across from one little compartment to another? Or do I cross between..jumping from tempura to sushi rolls to sashimi? Decisions, decisions!

Anyhoo, I do hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday.


PS. What's for lunch? Not that I have food on my mind now or anything. Not one bit...

PPS. Also pretty sure the peeps above are like passing notes in class, you know before kids had iphones.

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