Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Oh how I do love the Oscar's! All the gowns and hair and makeup, all so beautiful and intriguing. Almost like peering over the edge of a very high fence into the zoo that is 'how the famous people live'. Have to say, I honestly don't envy it at all. Once, or twice, I would absolutely LOVE to be pampered and preened and frocked and blowdried into a glossy version of myself. But to do that as a job, and to then be judged for siree. Not saying that if my break into Hollywood came a-knocking I'd turn it down. My roll in the Ready Steady Cook audience was, some would say, a gripping and heartbreaking example of the ups and downs of love, life and laughter, in what can only be described as a truly difficult role. A shining light. Some would say.

But as it hits Friday night (only 6 hours and counting...) and you start to feel like you'd much rather be curling up on the couch with your Friends dvd's and some icecream instead of heading out for birthday/work/that dude that knows your friend's sister's aunt drinks, don't fret! I have the answer! As I do with all the hard questions in life! Thank goodness someone's on the ball, I hear you say. And indeed my dear readers, I am! And that ball is bright lipstick! That metaphor worked much better in my head.

Take a look at Sandy here. She's looking hot. I don't really have much else to add to that. Except when she was getting ready to meet Oscar, I'm placing bets she would have told Shona her delightfully wacky makeup artist to make her lips POP! Almost definitely. If you're after the exact shade of colour, the super clever girls at primped have done their homework and are also much more amusing than I. But do come back. I'd miss you.

Vera Farmiga most likely used the P word too when shimmying into her frills. I'm lazy (we've touched on this before) so I don't have a close up photo, but if you squint really hard you can see her makeup is a triumph...a TRIUMPH I tell you!!! And the answer to the question which wasn't actually a question? Lipstick! In shades of raspberry, coral, fushia, strawberry...go nuts my dears. It will make you ridiculously aware of your lips, and eating a messy conundrum, but your makeup routine will become immediately funner. Which I'm pretty sure is also what the UN are studying at the moment. Coincidence? I think not.

And our dear Maggie. Gosh I'd love to be her friend. Pretty sure she'd love to be mine too. Her of the nonchalant red carpet look. And what's this? Pink lipstick! I have 3 lipsticks that I have only had the guts to wear once each, and in the interests of my readers (hi Mum!) they are Revlon Matte in Strawberry Suede (which is an odd combination, if you think about it), Sephora Rouge in R13 (boring name eh?) and Benefit Colour in Nice Knickers (not so boring name). See, aren't we glad I shared?
Should I wear lip colour tonight? Who knows? As it is obviously on a high level of importance, I shall work through the pros and cons today. So many to list. And I'll let the UN what I decide to do too. It'll help their research.
Have a colourful weekend my lovelies (5 hours and 35 minutes...)! xx

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