Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guest Blog :: Wednesday ramblings :: and the pursuit of memory, fitness and other

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I hope this week and the arrival of autumn has been treating you well. I've had to bring out the old cardigans (and new, lets face it, they're always better)

So I've totally turned a corner on the memory front. Success on the remembering to pack fitness gear... mostly...for my afternoon walks - well actually I'm working up to a jog now, and still managing to admire the scenery! Loving nature in all its naturalness. AND my special nature outings are more pleasant now, due to the cool change...ok so still sorting out my packing issues though...yesterday forgetting to pack socks of all things. Had the socks. Tricky. AND speaking of which...why do shops seem to stock sizes 2-8 for the ladies...and not much else? Like surely there are women out there size 9? And above? It's foot prejudice, people!

Back to the pursuit of fitness.. so I’ve officially got this walking/jogging track that I have adopted, which includes what I have dubbed 'heartbreak hill' A little exaggeration? Me? Exaggerate? Pft..never! No! It entirely breaks my poor little panting heart, because there's a twist. You get up the hill - half way, think woohoo! I've made it..and now let's turn the corner, and oh hello, hill part two.
Gets me every time! So on completion of this hurdle, I do feel quite pleased with myself.

Plus, there is that great sense of belonging, when you see the same runners (yes, I ‘run’ now...well..move at a faster than walking pace speed) each day. My comrade's. polite nod. I know you..and careful not to trip. on flat ground..whilst acknowledging new acquaintances. good..

Um, and back to the memory front…or lack then of, I could have cried this morning.. Tootling? along in the car merrily on my way to work – although lacking coffee – so tootling perhaps not so much.. I realised my lack of joggers in car with me. I think I need help. Or, a check list. OR to not be carrying 6 things out the door?

By the way, this is not a premeditated way of escaping exercise. I wish it were…it would be far less embarrassing.

Is there a tea which helps with memory issues? I forget. Oh how I need coffee…

Oooooh almost seems my little weekend road trip was postponed for another time, but I soldiered on and filled in my time with other lovely things, such as treating oneself to a facial post recent birthday...highly recommend indulging oneself during such times. And Nicola, slightly jealous of all these new fandangle beauty products you have purchased during your overseas adventures!

Happy Wednesday!

PS. Completely gorgeous picture I wish I’d taken. Photo Credit :: Irene from eye poetry. Check out her
blogspot + flickr.

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