Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches...

I do like a good peach. Normally the fuzzy skin thing freaks me right out (it's a legitimate fear, thank you very much). More of a nectarine fan. It just gives me the eebie jeebies, does a peach fuzz. But it seems that due to my close proximity to peach farms and the fact that they seem to be quite prolific this time of year (which confuses me, being the peach seasonal expert that I am), I am consuming them on a regular basis. And not just biting into them like an apple (heightening the level of eebie jeebies), heavens no! All lovely and stewed, in a sweet sugar syryp by my super mum. And another favourite? Grilled with honey and brown sugar. Tasty.

So, my dear readers, my wise advice to you today would be this. Do go and buy some peaches. Preferably in an old wooden bucket from a roadside stall if possible. And cook them delicious pies, jams and whatnot. Just be sure to remove the skin *shudder* ...


  1. Oh man how I wish it were fall here. I didn't used to like peaches much, then a few years back I couldn't get enough. In fact, my roommate and I bought a 20 pound box of peaches from a roadside stand that fall, on a whim. They were delicious, but 2 girls cannot eat 10 pounds each of peaches before the peaches rot, no matter how they were prepared, so we began what we called the Peach to Go Program. Everyone who visited our flat took a peach or three home with them; we took them to classes and to work and to church... Our flat smelled amazing for a month.

  2. oh i LOVE that! i would have been coming over to your place a LOT :) and i agree, such a delicious smell! x

  3. i am a nectarine girl, but i love peaches in a jar. the fuzz on the fresh ones just freaks me out. like biting socks or something.

  4. ooh i love peaches in a jar too. peach fuzz makes me think of chewing on a damp paddle pop stick which freaks me right out. now i can add biting on socks to that too! x


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