Sunday, March 14, 2010

happy monday morning snaps...


On my way through the land of online snaps taken by lovers of all thing beautiful, I stumbled across the incredibly talented and lovely artist known as Katrina Rodabaugh. Because that is her name. And not only is she a brilliant photographer, she has climbed the lovely scale about 10 points answering these questions for us! So pop over and look at her photographs, and see all the other beautiful things she creates while you're there. Be sure to say hello for me, and don't forget to take of your shoes x
Whereabouts in the world do you come from?
I grew up in a very small town in Western New York with two barns, a fruit orchard, a garden and oodles of pets. I've spent the last decade between San Francisco, Brooklyn and Oakland though I'm still equally torn between urban and rural living.
How does colour influence your work?
I'd say colour and texture are the two biggest influences in my visual work. With my photography, I'm mostly drawn to quiet, intimate moments where domestic life pushes up against a bit of urban wildness. I'm always struck by the colours of the seasons and how the botanicals contrast the greys and browns.

so many signs of spring

How many cameras do you use/own/love?
I just went to a flea market and bought 3 vintage cameras that I haven't even used yet. So that took my overall number from 7 to 10. I mostly use digital SLR, Polaroid 600, Ciroflex and Holga. I'm saving up for a Rollieflex and more Polaroid film.

white blooms forced to age

Do you have a favourite flower?
Oh gosh. I have so many. I love the camomile and calendula blooming in our little garden right now; the cherry and plum trees are also magnificently in bloom; and I have a soft spot for Black Eyed Susans, lilacs, and orchids because they remind me of my mother.

reaching for the light

Whats your grandest adventure to date?
In 2002, I was 25, and my then boyfriend/now husband and I spent 4 months travelling across the country from CA to NY in a little red hatchback. We spent most of our time travelling back roads, taking photographs and writing poems, pausing in little coffee shops, making new friends that we would never see again, and camping in the most gorgeous places. We've done quite a bit of travelling since, but there was something purely magical about that trip. It was just about perfect.
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  1. lovely! and i love her adventure. sounds like bliss...

  2. thanks so much for the feature. and it's been so nice "meeting you" over email... xoxo, k.

  3. Katrina is a very talented artist. It's been good to read a little more about her.


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