Wednesday, March 3, 2010

couture dreaming...



I often have far fetched daydreams that will never EVER happen (unless they remake The Princess Bride and Robin Wright Penn decides they want an unknown to play her daughter/niece/cousin and she MUST be Australian with very crooked teeth). Riding bareback across mountains, surprising folk with my musical genius (what, this? Oh I play in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in my spare time. Principal Timpanist. Didn't you know?), and being a flight hostess (believe me, I've no idea where that one came from either).

But it seems like my wearing couture in a smashed out old building might be one step closer to becoming a reality! Is this not a thrilling day?! Now to contact the good people of Exude Magazine and ask them if they'll re create their shoot for me. I'm almost 100% sure they will.

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