Sunday, March 7, 2010

wildlife weddings...

We haven't had a wedding in a little while, so thought I'd kick us off in spectacular style with some lovely pics from bride favourite greenweddingshoes. AND! Can I please point out we have a tulle headpiece featured here? Indeed. If I was any kind of committed blogger I would have links here and here where you could go to see previous references to my not so secret crush on said headpieces, but I am not, so our 'here's will remain colourless and link free until I can hire someone to do, you know, the link adding.

Now, it's fairly safe to say birds scare the me to death in only the way that rodents of the sky truly can, but I've got this strange feeling if you tried to release, say, kittens, you probably wouldn't get the same effect. So let us marvel in all that is vintage wedding style, with the birdcages, bouquets of wildflowers, beautiful lace dresses and some appropriately sepia toned snaps, and I'll leave the 'to throw a pidgeon in the air or not' conundrum brides are regularly facing in todays society of bird throwers up to you. Aren't you glad.

Happy Monday! x

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