Monday, January 4, 2010


So when the lovely ladies at Lola&Bailey sent these over, not only did I fall in love with these sweet little totes, I was also super excited at their look book layout! It's meant to be! Ha. Ok, yes, I spelt out r&j. No really. But would've been cool, no? I'm also strangely itching to get myself a yellow trench coat...

SO! When the need next arises and you're thinking 'gosh darn, if only I had a handy but uber cool looking bag for my books/skinny jeans/organic fruit/cookies I baked for the office', get thee to the Lola&Bailey store! Not only do they have just about the best name ever, they're super nice to match. They don't have cookies though. Tis a shame...

from top... 'r' tote, '&' tote, 'j' tote. All from Lola&Bailey. And I completely understand you could have like, totally figured that out yourself. I just wanted to say Lola&Bailey again. Seriously. Coolest name ever.

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