Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diana fun times...

I received a Diana+F Edelweiss for Christmas (weeee!) and it would be an understatement to say both that I was excited and I ate a lot. But lets focus on the former for now, even if the latter is the elephant in the room (geddit? geddit!?!). So. Even though the first lab I went to hurt my photos and cut off the lovely blurry edges (I want blur!! Blur is good! BLURRR!!!), I thought these were ok to post. I'm rather fond of the first one. My next 'series' (I'm, like, totally an artist) is of flowers. Weird huh! Maybe I should have been a florist...

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  1. Sweet photos! I'd be excited too. Looking forward to the next series. And I'm not even going to use inverted comas - artist all the way


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