Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday it's almost the weekend post and Festival Fun!

Hello!!! Lucy here. Well, I'm excited for the weekend, not sure about you! And Gosh I miss Nicola already! It was lovely of her to invite me to write stuff on her blog. I will try to make it as interesting as possible AND if you do happen to start falling asleep, please be polite and pinch yourself and at least pretend to be interested in my ramblings. Speaking of which, I have been enjoying partaking in the Sydney Festival shenanigans. Hearing the delightful sounds of Al Green. Lovely man. Just lovely. And what a VOICE!! Music to make you sway to... I think I'm having a moment.

PLUS I discovered (I know I'm terribly late to this) Patrick Watson who has this whole dreamy cinematic sound thing going on. Very cool man. Very cool. (And polite. Perhaps because he's Canadian?) Infact I think it was a prerequisite to be in the crowd that you had to be cool in order watch the cool and polite, Patrick Watson. just as well I fit that description! Few! Did anyone else manage to get along to any Sydney Festival goodness?

And, Nicola if you're reading this - (jealous! wish I were there) I hope that London is treating you well. Do say hello to her majesty! Toodle pip!


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