Monday, January 11, 2010

au revoir!

So as rubyandjoy have not been shut for approximately 2 years, we (I) thought it would be swell if we (I) closed shop, grabbed our (my) cameras and went on something of a holiday! I sleep with my blackberry, so we'll see how we go. But here's the good news! There'll be some new lovely sweet peas dropping by to show of some of their pretty snaps and lovely stories, and because I'm super organised with a capital S (and O), I've already saved some lovely tid bits that will be published at whim for you to treat your pretty eyes with! Huzzah!

So while we're off gathering gorgeous inspiration, re training our bodies to sleep, sourcing beautiful vases and props, experimenting with Ms Diana+F, and enjoying a good old fashioned adventure, make sure you keep visiting! I'll feel spectacularly unloved if you don't! I'll be attempting to upload some of my adventure-ful snaps (especially if we make it to La Tour Eiffel, oui!) with stories and little updates as we go.

We'll be back in blogging action on the 15th Feb, but will be in touch if you need anything at all! In le meantime (I'm practicing my French), say hello to the incredibly talented and super lovely Alarna of Little Jane St (visit her, buy her stuff. It's neat) and the incredibly wonderful and witty shutterbug Lucy. Hello Alarna and Lucy! Be nice to them, they'll rock your socks.

Lots of love to all you blogging lovelies, I'm sure I'll see you soon! xx

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  1. ooh, tres jealous! say bonjour to paris from me! (see, i can speak francais too). :P xo


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