Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I likey

Happy Wednesday All! And hello Alarna! I checked out the lovely items you posted from Brisbane and I do like, very much. Especially the little bunny from Edward and Lily! So I thought I would follow suit with some items from designers that I have been checking out.

Meredith from Woolly Mammoth creates beautiful and unique hand-knitted beanies for kiddies, teens and adults. Made from hand dyed yarns these beanies will warm up any little noggen! (It has been unusually cold this summer teh heh..) And I have recently heard from Nicola who has been snuggling up in woolly things to brave the freezing temperatures of London. Perhaps we should send her one!

I'm also loving these items from textile geniuses, Umbrella Prints. These clever ladies are based in Adelaide. I love their fabric designs and cute little toys.

And cute little earrings and bags from lilypad designs. Ooers.. Well, that's all for now. Have a splendid day from me! xxx


  1. Aren't they! And thank you for commenting! You're like my first real commenter! :D


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