Wednesday, June 1, 2011

magazines I sorely miss...

One question, if I may?
How gorgeous is the cover of the Winter issue of Wedding Style Guide?!
Correct answer - SUPER gorgeous!

And how about another question thrown in, just for funsies? We're feeling wild today.

How much fun is it to buy beautiful and fun home-making magazines when you actually have a home?
Correct answer (we like to make it easy) - SUPER fun!

Shame the UK doesn't have either.



    is it a different one?

  2. Thank you for your lovely post about our new winter issue. We're in love with the cover and are thrilled to hear you love it too. The new mag will be available to buy on our website from the 15th June if that helps?!
    Thanks again! WSG x

  3. Waaaah - I want a house already so I can decorate and paint and knock out walls if I want to. Some day...

  4. Thanks to the lovely Miss M and WSG, some research into subscriptions must be done methinks!
    And I completely agree dear Dionne, to bash holes in walls, paint with gay abandon and attach things permanently to the wall...OH to dream!

  5. Hello there. A couple of things: I am enjoying your posts peppered with a "i miss australia" theme - it's taking me back to the time i spent living in the UK...They have a million different dairy products and no sour cream? I can't work it out. The closest is creme fraiche i think. Magazines are just not as good over there, with one exception. Get into Country Living. It is very beautiful, and real. Also, when you visit London next you must visit Persephones on Lambs conduit Street - delightful. Then pop over to marelybone high street and buy some cheese form La Fromagerie and then browse in Emma Bridgewaters shop, and then a few doors down is the most lovely book shop. Also eat lots of mars planets and intriguing cadbury choc bars like star, just cos they are different and delicous. And clotted cream with scones and strawberry jam, at the tea shop in Liberty's. And keep up the berry appreciation.
    Thanks for all the lovely posts and reminding me of all the amazing things about living in Australia...I'm here to remind you of great things about the UK!

  6. thanks so much keren! you've cheered me greatly! i'm planning a london trip as we speak (write?), and i'm going to attempt to do all these things! excellent advice, i shall pop into our local store today and find country living :)
    ps - star bars are amaaazing x


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