Monday, May 30, 2011

rob ryan on the other shores!

When I first arrived on the chilly shores of Scotland, one of my first discoveries was the delightfully whimsical Rob Ryan. In a land where tea drinking is considered necessary to actually being alive, excellently decorated mugs are a dime a dozen. But the Rob Ryan couples mug I stumbled across in a wee St Andrew's shop put a huge smile on my face (which made me look like a slightly crazed loon...but what did I care, I'd found a cheery mug!), and now, excellent news! If you're in Australia, the delightful ladies at Lark have started stocking these treats! And how brilliantly excellent is the notebook! Brilliantly excellent.

Pop over to the lovely Lark store and say hello for me...but beware, you may not be able to resist these gorgeous treats!

Believe in People Mug by Rob Ryan from Lark - $19.95
A5 Notebook by Rob Ryan from Lark - $19.95
Please Smell Us vase by Rob Ryan from Lark - $69.95


  1. i am in love with that pretty pink notebook with the pretty little story words! oh and I landed here b/c I saw your name: "rubyandjoy" and my name is Rubie Joye. I've never seen them both together like that :) so it's very lovely to meet you!

  2. oh what a beautiful name! i hope you feel very at home here! x

  3. ps - LOVE your blog! i'm a pastors wifey too! x


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