Sunday, June 12, 2011

the big smoke...

The boy and I had a mini-mini break in Edinburgh this weekend, just one night in the beautiful city! There was rain, a LOT of rain. But may I suggest a mini-mini break, or even a mini break if you're feeling wild, to rejuvinate the soul! New places to explore, delightful little shops filled with delightful little goodies and beautifully winding cobbly streets that could take you anywhere...




  1. one of my very favourite cities. we should plan for a rendezvous for some tea, shopping and bagpipe listening. There is always a bagpiper!

  2. ooh that sounds delightful! i do like that bagpiper :) xx

  3. Bagpipes are in your blood, coursing through your veins. Maybe you should try playing them!?


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