Wednesday, June 8, 2011

missing Peter Alexander...

...and his SUPER excellent pyjamas! How cool are these sock/slipper/pom pom type thingies?! And the pretty pastels?! And the super comfy leggings?! Sweet! Am undecided re the lavendar rinse...but heck, you never know*!

*Although I'm pretty sure it's a no.

ps - forgive me if I'm behind the times, I do realise this is a Mother's Day advertisement...but my Instyle mag sent lovingly from my sister has just been read cover to cover. Mother's Day Schmother's Day...I want to look that cool at bedtime! Although as previously stated, with lavendar-less hair.


  1. i recently bought a flanelette onesie from P.A! I wish you were here so I could wear it out to dinner under my clothes to show you! (remember that time we went to dinner and I wore my new nightgown?! oh, youth! such a worry!
    Miss you lots

  2. ohh a flanalette onesie!! that's excellent! yes i do remember, and you looked fabulous! xx


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