Sunday, June 19, 2011

home sweet home...

I'm trying to be positive. Really I am. The raspberries here are huge and taste absolutely delicious. The auctions are on every week and antique Singer sewing machines are sold at a pound. The chippies are cheap and the scenery beautiful. But then Sydney goes and has a Winter's day like that. And I'm back to missing it all. Sun that sets at a normal time, and chips that although expensive, are cooked fresh. Wandering through the bush, BBQ's at sunset, the beach at sundown. Plants that don't need blankets in the Winter (seriously), feet that don't need uggs the whole year round. Sunshine. Family. Friends. Chocolate Monte biscuits.

I think it's time we started to plan a visit!

'Where we love is home. Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.' - Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. even the plants need blankets? really?

  2. YES! come home for a visit! (but not in september/october, because I want to come see youuuuu!)

  3. p.s. the 'word verification' I had to type in for the post above was 'demons'! I totally freaked out!

  4. This post is making me homesick. :(

  5. Seriously, there are plant blankets :) I was greatly amused!
    No need to worry miss mel, we're planning for next year, so your bed will be here all cosy and warm waiting for you!
    And the lovely Dionne...noooo! Twill always be home, no? Very much looking forward to a sunshiney holiday! xx


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