Monday, June 27, 2011

10 good things...

1. Afternoon tea in Glasgow at Cup, with a cake stand filled with the yummiest treats you can imagine and a bottomless pot of tea (not literally, you understand). And a wander up and down Byers Road to find some excellent wee shops brimming with inspiration!

2. Beyonce singing Etta James at Glastonbury...she is way too cool for school.

3. The delivery of a bag filled with delightful Country Living magazines for my perusal, only to be enjoyed with a cup of tea and perhaps a home baked treat!

4. My H&M delivery of 3 £1.99 dresses. Who cares what they look like...TWO POUNDS!

5. Peanut butter M&M's from Texas via London from my big brother. Delicious!

6. News that 2 of my cousins (step-cousins? cousins-in-law?) have both had beautiful baby boys! Time for some Mothercare shopping!

7. Wandering up the road to the farmers shop to purchase raspberries that are the size of strawberries and twice as sweet! Yummo!

8. Almost...almost getting our thank you cards written! 6 months isn't too bad, right? Right.

9. The temperature being above 15 every single day this week! Better get the sunscreen out...

10. And of course, the most important, enjoying vegemite toast for lunch yesterday. Yes siree, I still call Australia home.

Hope you have a wonderful week my lovely readers! Enjoy life's simple pleasures xx

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