Monday, June 6, 2011

smashing signs...

Hello there my dear readers!

I have excellent news! It was warm here last week! Above 20 degrees! There was sunscreen being thrown about and legs being bared with gay abandon! The bad news is it seems those 2 days were our Summer, and now it's gone. But as my seasonally confused body sorts itself out and as the sun tries to peek it's bright and cheery rays through the thick grey sky, I thought I'd share a few delightful posters to brighten up your insides! Not your insides, you understand. Your home's. Obviously.

Enjoy! xx

Top and 2nd image from Bear Graphics
3rd image from Modo Creative
4th image from Rosie Robins
All from
Not On The High Street


  1. i love 'everyone's cup of tea' very cute and extremely useful!

    krystal x


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