Saturday, May 28, 2011

weekend fun...

Today, I shall take this to heart. I shall make a banana cake. I shall visit the local markets. I shall do some cleaning and perhaps even some reading. If it's sunny (lets not get too excited) I shall take me picnic basket and blanket down to the riverside, with a thermos of hot chocolate (and maybe some freshly made cake) and enjoy the scenery. I shall enjoy all this with my husband, even though he doesn't like banana cake. I shall listen to some delightful music, perhaps do some writing, and then cook a yummy dinner. I shall then perhaps watch a movie with the boy and have some more freshly made cake. Delightful!

I'm still in bed of course. But it sounds like a pretty good day to me xx

image via sweet william

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  1. This. Sounds. Perfect.
    I'm a tad jealous of your Scotland life xx


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