Tuesday, May 3, 2011

why hello...

Things that I have not filled you in on since my last post as I lay pining away in my sick bed...

- The Lilac trees have come out in full force, and every time we drive past one, I feel the need to say 'Ohh look! Another lilac tree! They're so beautiful!' The boy loves this no end, as I itch again to get a garden of our own to fill with said trees. Rhododenrons too. And peonies and blossom trees, hellebore roses...

- I made my Mum's artichoke dip for the first time, which I not only thought was delicious, but so did the rest of those snacking on it...culinary success!

- Window boxes appear to be an easy accessory to attach to a household window. This is a lie.

- We discovered we do not own a picnic basket nor rug. This has been a minor disaster as the weak sun beams have been successfully pushing their way through to Scotland (perhaps the farthest country from the sun), and apart from piecing together many a tesco shopping bag, we do not have anything to lay on to catch the rays. Like I said, disaster...

- We have changed from 'Sunshiny Days' fabric softener to 'Blue Skies', and as we are still in our 'trialling of new products stage', I feel it is safe to say 'Blue Skies' may indeed be the current favourite.

- I missed the auctions last night (I know, I'm really sick), but made stewed apple. A proven home remedy for those feeling poorly. Delicious!

- AND I have perfected the art of saying 'hash browns' with a Scottish accent. I've had some spare time...

But now I may go and lay my head down...I do believe Friends is on! I hope you're all well! If not, try stewed apple. It really works... xx


  1. oooh! Can you send your mom's recipe to me...sounds delicious! xx

  2. That dip sounds yummy!

    And no picnic basket?! That's tragic! You must get one!

  3. I KNOW! Picnic-y disasters all round! Best and easiest dip ever...although perhaps not the healthiest. But artichokes are good for you. Right?
    1 cup egg mayonnaise
    1 cup grated parmesan
    400g artichokes (from a jar)

    Chop the artichokes, mix everything together, pop in a lovely little serving dish, sprinkle some more tasty parmesan on top and heat through in the oven. Serve with crusty bread...yummo!

    I'm looking online for a picnic basket now...


  4. Stewed apple, I hear you. I made a lot of stewed apple in Russia.


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