Friday, May 6, 2011

missing Bonds...

...and a few other things. Although it must be said occasions were rare that I would laze about in my underwear.

Cuddles from my nieces, Cotton On and their excellently cheap clothing, cafe's with lovely little nooks for book reading and tea, sour cream, general warmth, peppermint eclipse mints, good home/garden/interior magazines and a few other things in between. On the up side we do get mail on a Saturday AND shampoo is often half price!

Also, in the excitement that is a seasonal change, a wee adventure was had today! Being spoilt by some rainy day pennies from my dear Mum and the lovely boy, and still not being entirely sure which season we're in (I say Winter, they say Summer...), some treats were purchased! The kinds of things that make a girl like yours truly mucho cheered! Things that look good, smell good, taste good and are fun to read. I have a feeling this weekend shall be rather swell.

I do hope you have some sunshine to brighten your weekend and bring some warmth, and I do hope it's filled with lovely things that will cheer you. Start with something that smells good, it does wonders for the soul!


images via Bonds


  1. There is one tiny kind, in one tiny tub, in one tiny spot. When I found it I felt like a true explorer... ;)


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