Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exciting news my sweets! We are getting window boxes! Now, I know that this may not blow the socks of some of you, and you may indeed be thinking, 'this is not very exciting news'. However! Having been bitten by the gardening bug (geddit?) but having no garden whatsoever, it seemed only right that we pop some plants cheerily in some soil and hang it from our sills! I would love some tasty herbs...mint, rosemary, oregano, and some delightful flowering treats! Alas, in a country that seems to pride itself on said boxes, no one stocks the brackets that do the attaching part, which, believe it or not, are somewhat important and conducive to the window boxes indeed being window boxes.

But do not worry your pretty foreheads, as at this very moment our local garden centre has them on order! And in the meantime, we have stocked up and created ourselves quite the merry gardening kit. A gorgeous cream watering can, some lovely little seed boxes, red handled secateurs, 70 kilos of soil, a delightful little shovel and some Miracle Gro. You may be thinking this kit is overkill for a box or two, and you (and my husband) would be correct. But after enquiring about the dwarf sweet peas and being told they would grow to either 18inches or 15cm...I think it's best to leave nothing to chance.

take thy plastic spade, it is thy pencil;
take thy seeds, thy plants, they are thy colours

William Mason - The English Garden

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