Wednesday, May 4, 2011

looking good...

One of the few recipe books that was safely packed in my suitcase to make the trip to sunny* Scotland was that of the super clever Donna Hay. The sweeties special, to be exact. And how I love to bake! I have had the pleasure of meeting Ms Hay a couple times, the first when I met with her for a styling job. She thought I had my mind too set on this 'rubyandjoy' idea to be fully committed to the mag, and being the clever muffin she is, she was right! rubyandjoy was born not too long afterwards and rubyandjoy's flowers became rather influenced by this styling past. I was lucky enough to do a few freelance shoots with her and might I say, in the name of sharing (rather strange saying that one), the Hay office styling cupboard was incredible. Amazing. Really really (really) cool.

But! The main reason for posting here was to share that I have a yummy smelling Donna Hay banana cake cooking merrily away in the oven and I am excited! And I liked the picture of the egg with a wee knitted cap. Not a very good reason to post, I hear you say. I don't have a come back either. Apart from the fact that I really love baking.

Have your cake and eat it too xx

* It really is!

image via Donna Hay

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