Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What does Summer mean to you?

For me, it's mostly all about the food*...
mangos by the boxful
fish and chips by the ocean
yummy chicken salads
bbq's in the warm Summer evenings
tasty lamb
and pineapples!
and most important...Christmas cake!


Check out King of Fruits site for some excellent-o recipes and a chance to win Pineapples for year. Imagine! It'd be like Summer, ALL YEAR ROUND! Now if we could please just do something about the weather...please? My gosh.

*I think it would be safe to say, for me, it's always about food...


  1. Summer is definitely mango time! One of my favorites. I also think of frozen yogurt and smoothies and beach trips and picnics.

  2. ooh yes! Fruit mince pies! And picnics! And the beach! And birthdays for us too...hundreds of birthdays! Which means cake! Which means a very happy Nicola... x

  3. Summer to me means bbq's with friends, walks on the beach, frangipanis, mangoes, Christmas, my birthday, daylight savings, the sound of lawn mowers, cicadas at night, sunscreen and bad tv!


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