Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Jane St store opens!

So I know I'm a little behind the times here, as this gorgeous little store opened on the 8th September. But being one of their biggest fans, I couldn't help but put up some snap shots of the beautiful opening, no matter how late! Little Jane St's flagship store (fancy!) is now open and bursting full of paper beauties and other hand made treats. If you're in the Brisbane area, pop in, have a long browse through their lovely shelves, and see if you can resist purchasing yourself a little something. I dare you! And if we're lucky, those origami clouds will hang around for a good long while.
If you're not in Brissy, have a look at the online store, it's just about as good (but no origami paper clouds, and you don't get to touch all the pretty things)!
Congratulations to the super talented Little Jane St! A store to call their very own x
image credits - Hailey Bartholomew


  1. don't you just love the paper clouds?!

  2. yes indeedy! even to the point of thinking about making some myself! although I am known to be overcome by origami. it looks so simple!


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