Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Romance is grand...

I'm preeetty sure this is the photo that begins that girlies adventure in Letter's to Juliet (which just by the by is a brilliant movie, although ending with a terrible, TERRIBLE last line...shame on you movie writers!), but it's also one that had been on my wall for a good long time until it just went missing one day. I know. I should have called the police. But last time I called they said they 'didn't deal with this kind of nonsense', and I was quite hurt. So when I came across it on my web wanderings, I thought it only right that I share. Obviously most of you will have seen it, it's kind of like me showing the Mona Lisa and saying 'surprise!!' (which would be a bit daft and embarrassing for us all), but it's just such a lovely image I couldn't resist.
So enjoy, my lovely readers! And I do hope you have some romance on your stupidly chilly Tuesday afternoon x

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