Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

I like this idea. Eyeliner underneath the eye. Apparently it actually reduces the appearance of the lovely little baggies that like to hang around. I'm skeptical. I feel a little like people would judge me for putting my makeup on upside down, or 'misunderstanding the concept'. But heck! I've always been a rule breaker. Once I even went swimming within an hour after eating. AND lived to tell the tale.

My problem, as discussed previously, is that when I try smoodgy eyeliner, I tend to look like I've been agressively punched in both eyes. This is not preferable. Tolerable, sure. But not preferable. But this isn't so smoodgy! It's less 'I have sexy bed eyes' (which let me assure you mine never look like when I don't take off my eye makeup before going to bed, no siree) and more 'I am groomed and have an awesome eye pencil and have applied it with a steady hand'. And if you go with white, it could even be 'I am groomed and have an awesome eye pencil and have applied it with a steady hand and reside someplace near Santa's cave'. Genius!

Why not, eh? Go nuts on Saturday night with upside down eyeliner. Just be careful. This could lead to all kind of crazy behaviour.

Enjoy the weekend! xx

images via from Giambattista Valli Spring 2011RTW

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  1. My best friend is a cooky, frail little blonde and she is always trying out wackiness. This look, she has done on and off since we were teenagers. I never had the nerve, but it always looked so shishi on her. I think you can wear anything your confident about.


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