Thursday, October 28, 2010

*****FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!*****

One of my all time favourites Little Jane St has given me a gorgeous little pack of goodies to be given away to one of our lucky readers!!! Now. I did have to refrain from keeping it to myself because it's just that good, but I gave myself a good talking to (not in public, I would have looked crazy), and so here we are! Much like a Keno night at the local RSL. Except not really at all.
And all YOU have to do my lovely reader is tell me in 25 words or less who you would send one of the delicious cards in your pack to should you win! Easy peasy!
The winner will be announced next Friday get cracking!
ps - Don't forget to pop over the the Little Jane St store and stock up on paper treats!
pps - This weather situation is getting quit ridiculo-so.
ppps - I had a mango for breaky this morning. They're getting less sour. Excellent!


  1. ooh! what a great giveaway! but more to the point, i'm glad your mango experience was an improvement. last time you mentioned mangos i went and bought one. it was delicious.anyhoo....

    i'd send my card to the lovely mr stink. sure, we live in the same house, but the romantic in me loves hand written messages. xx

  2. my sister in-law, she is perfect and makes cards. just cause i'm crap at craft doesn't mean she shouldn't get a nice card from me.

  3. I've collected a fabulous range of Little Jane Street goodness, so this is not an entry - but a comment to say how adorable Alarna's work is and what a fabulous give away for some lucky blog reader!!

  4. my sister who is half way across the country and can't make it home till Christmas. She is apart from our huge (overbearing) family & we miss her face!

  5. These are so adorable!

    I would send one to this awesome string quartet that worked with me on a wedding event last week. I was going to buy one, but these ones are so much better than what I'd find at Hallmark!

  6. what beautiful cards. i would definitely send one to my grandmother- i love her so.

  7. I love Little Jane St designs!

    I would send a card to a dear bloggy friend who I'm yet to meet in real life! :)

  8. I love you're handmade cards they are beautiful,

    I would send one to my big sis, although we live in the same house we never see each other. These cards are a perfect way to say hello and I love you to her.

  9. Thanks for the chance to win.
    I would send one to my grandaughter, she can't read yet, but it would tell her how I love her so....and it would be something to treasure for ever. xx

  10. Such beautiful stationery...I would send on of these to my daughter who, like you, is getting married soon:) I would tell her what a wonderful daughter she is and what a wonderful wife she will be.

  11. I would definitely choose to send a card to my Mom-mom to whom I frequently send mail to (as I don't get to see her much in person). It would be great to accompany my words with a beautiful card from Little Jane St. Both my grandmother and myself love the unique products and I know a card would make her day!

  12. Love hearing about the wedding plans! So much fun when you get to plan your own and choose all your own details. :)

    I'd keep a pretty note to post to my sister one day...she might move away soon and I'll miss her.


  13. I'd send the photography card to my friend Vicky to encourage her. She's going through a difficult divorce and has to move with her kids. I'd put the sting of hearts in the card for her to put in the window of her new bedroom - reminding her that she is greatly loved - no matter what.

    (oooops that was a bit long!)
    When is the wedding btw!!!!


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