Friday, October 8, 2010


Cripes ladies. You made this one difficult! And I'm so happy to hear the written note is still alive and well! So if you will let me introduce the lucky winner of a gorgeous 'Kisses Darling' stationery set from French Navy (drum roll please!)'s LucyGoosey! Congratulations dear reader, please do email through your mailing address to and I shall pop your treats in the mail pronto!
To Renee Emery, Beach Tropic, The Princess and the Pea, and Rebecca Blogwell, you are all very lucky ladies! And to Stella and Jillian, it sounds like you both deserve medals! And to everyone else who entered, thank you for your wonderful entries, and here's to many more lovely notes and a sunny weekend!
ps - Don't forget to check out the rest of French Navy's beautiful stock over here. Say hi for me!

image via the notebook doodles


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