Friday, October 15, 2010

*****FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!*****

Hello my sweets (geddit?)! Today we have a delicious giveaway from the lovely ladies at The Cupcake Wrapper Co of a pack of gorgeous little Eiffel Tower cupcake wrappers! Not only are they sweet additions to any lovely tea party or an extra special afternoon snack, they're reusuable! Pretty AND environmentally friendly. Genius!
All you have to do, my dear reader, to enter this beautiful giveaway, is leave a little comment with your name (and perhaps a hello!) and I shall be drawing the lucky winner next Friday morning. It's be like Christmas*! But with less carols and more cake!
I hope you all have a cake filled weekend, and don't forget to pop over to The Cupcake Wrapper Co and have a look-see at all their other sweet (this does not get old) wrappers, or take a peek at their beautiful blog here. Lovely!
*Which is only 10 weeks away! Yay!


  1. Hello!!
    J'adore these cupcake wrappers... On Monday it will be two weeks since I returned from Paris and these would definitely help fill the hole that's been in my heart since I left!
    If only I could find something to fill the hole in my wallet!!

    Anna xx

  2. Alas, it wont be in the near future when I go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower for myself. Perhaps the divine cupcake wrappers will do the trick for now. Better start baking!!
    Di xx

  3. **Hello!**
    Such a Sweet little prize to win :)
    ciao for now,

  4. Bonjour,
    what a cute & sweet giveaway,
    To be in Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower it's my dream.
    This cute cupcake wrapper it's like a step bringing me closer to my dream. :)


  5. Hello!! Love your work and Love making cupcakes! Would love to win this prize! Just adorable xxx

  6. These wrappers are so cute - I've never seen any like this in the UK!!

  7. :D How amazingly gorgeous are those cupcake wrapers. Unfortunately I can't paste the pic of my last cupcake baking adventure. Thanks for the beautiful snaps you blog!

  8. This is such an amazing giveaway! I was born in Paris but my family moved to Australia when I was little. I love EVERYTHING related to my home country!

  9. So very Divine. I'm sure that those cupcake wrappers will be as close as I ever get to Paris, although they might inspire me to bake a little more. xo
    Jess - W

  10. Salut/Hello
    The cupcake wrappers are so delightful, as is you're blog.! They'll be such a sweet reminder of Paris.

  11. Hiiii! What a delightful prize. I'd love to adorn my homemade treats in such lovely wrapping - fingies and toesies crossed!

    Sonie xoxo

  12. bonjour mon amis! j'aime la paris et toi! they're too cute too! xo


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